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Griffiths is busy conducting formal interviews with the children’s parents and siblings, teachers and peers, and all those people who have played or continue to play a significant role in the lives of Eric, Courtney, and Jon. This effort will result in the careful pairing of quotes with photographs, which together will convey the ordinary stories of these extra-ordinary children.

The result will be a major exhibit of the photographs, coupled with the publication of a companion book. It is this book which will incorporate the children into the larger community, making them visible in a society where they are often over-looked or marginalized. It will serve as a tribute to these and all families who negotiate this challenge and this gift which is their extra-ordinary child, so that those who view the photographs and read the quotes may be educated, strengthened, and uplifted by their stories.

You may make a contribution to help support this project and the completion of the book. Donations may be sent to:

George Byron Griffiths Photography
P.O. Box 68043
Minneapolis, MN 55418-8043
Attn: "Children Born to Challenge"